5 Best Gaming Setup You Can Choose From

A gaming setup is integral if you are a competitive gamer and would like to improve your performance. If you’re a die-hard gamer then do not settle for anything less than the best gaming setup; as it will give you the best environment to play games for long hours. It will also prevent some adverse effects to your health.

The market is filled with a large number of gaming desktops and it seems hard to find one that suits our needs. To make sure your purchase is worthwhile, we have listed few of the best gaming setups available in the market. 

The best gaming setup will provide you with comfort, increase accessibility and offer wide space for your equipment. Let’s have a look at some of the best gaming setups in the market:

Best Gaming Setup – Product Review





The assembly of this desk is fairly easy and straightforward. It comes with all the screws and allen key neatly packaged into separate bags. Moreover, it also comes with a magnetized screwdriver that will be handy in placing the RGB plastic pieces.

The manual is just a few pages long with all the steps clearly laid out. The instructions are easy to understand and the desk can be set up in less than half an hour.

Durability and Build

Z60 is one sturdy desk. Made up of steel with locking parts, the desk remains strong even when there is no weight. It is resilient against dust and any sort of stains. There are also some ABS plastic parts around to enhance the look and give it a gaming aesthetic.

The main part of the desk is made up of MDF which is then polished with carbon to give it a sleek look. Overall, it is good looking, strong and durable.

Gaming Lights

Generally, desk lighting is in the form of lamps but this desk gives a whole new meaning to it. The desk corners have RGB lights that offer 6 different colors and 2 breathing modes. Moreover, the RGB pieces come intact into place through a wiring harness fitted into an opening in the desk.

The lights operate via USB usb and you can both power up and power down using a button. You can switch between colors by pushing the button multiple times.


  • Strong and Sturdy Construction.
  • Easy to use RGB lighting.
  • Wide space to keep PC equipment.
  • Durable with a stabilizing bar.
  • Sleek design with built in LEDs.


  • Expensive.
  • Accessories are sold separately.

2. VIT 44 Inch Ergonomic Gaming Desk

VIT 44 Inch Ergonomic Gaming Desk



The table is built with a steel frame with PVC and plastic for some parts. The table displays a stylish design and sleek look. It is z-shaped for more support. The 44 inch table provides enough space to keep your gaming setup and other essentials. The solid steel frame is reinforced by a carbon fiber desktop to increase durability. Lastly, there is a large mouse pad that allows you to easily move your mouse around.

Charging Ports

The table offers a smart gaming rack on the side that has multiple charging ports in it. The charging ports allow you to charge your phone, tablets and other devices while you are on your computer. Moreover, all your essentials are near you as they charge.


The gaming setup offers free replacement of parts or any repairs for one year. This will help you keep your desk in top notch condition even after you have bought it.

Additional Features

The table is especially designed for gamers with USB gaming handle rack, cup holder, storage tray, headphone hook and cable grommets. This ensures you have a professional gaming experience with everything accessible.


  • Gaming handle rack for professional experience.
  • Smooth and stylish finish.
  • 4 charging ports to charge your devices.
  • Large mouse pad to track the mouse.
  • Stylish RGBlights.


  • For some it may be a small desk.





The desk is considerably lightweight. The carbon fiber is a lightweight material which makes the desk easy to assemble and move around. The desk weighs less than 20 kilograms. This means you can move it around the space whenever you like without calling some extra help.

Z shaped Legs

 The z-shaped legs offer stability and sturdiness to the table. The legs are connected to a steel frame that meets the bottom of the table top. Eureka guarantees that the table would not wobble in any condition.


This gaming setup is the right mix of modern and sturdy. The table is made of carbon fiber which is lightweight and sleek. This is coupled with blue lights on the side which give you the right gaming environment. In order to turn on the lights you need to connect the USB cable to your PC. The carbon fiber is resistant to any surface damage and is very durable.


To provide the perfect gaming experience, the desk is equipped with some additional features. Z1-S comes with a mouse pad that allows you to freely move around your mouse. Moreover the headset wireframe allows you to keep it safe when you are not using it. You can easily switch between your controller and keyboard too as the desk allows you to connect them all. Lastly, it also has a cupholder to keep your drinks aside.


  • Excellent Customer support.
  • Stable and solid construction.
  • LED lighting for flair.
  • Large surface area.


  • No additional options for table colour or LED lights.
  • A bit expensive.

4. Tangkula 47.5″ Gaming Desk


K shaped legs

The table is supported by K shaped legs that offer strength and stability. The K shape offers extra support and gives a stylish look as well. The steel frame is connected to the desk underneath and spreads at the bottom to carry the table weight. The K shape provides ample leg space.


The gaming desk comes with a cup holder to keep your drinks aside. It also has a hook to hang in your headset when you don’t need it. Lastly, there is a rack on the side to store all the games and CDs. This will help you keep your desk organized and clutter free.


The table is designed to carry heavy weight. It has the maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs. The Iron frame with the PVC carbon fiber surface for lightweight and durability. The legs have adjustable and protective feet to adjust the height and protect the floor. The desk is spacious enough to cater all the gaming gear as well as the PC.


  • PVC carbon fiber surface.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Space to store your video games.
  • Durable and Heavy duty.
  • A lot of leg space.


  • The table isn’t sturdy enough to hold the monitor.

5. CNASA Gaming Desk

CNASA Gaming Desk


Ergonomic Design

The table has a smart ergonomic design that offers wide space with 117cm width. The surface is made from carbon fiber to give the table a more durable and sleek finish. The curved corners and edges give you the perfect gaming experience.


The table is equipped with RGB lighting on the sides which creates the right gaming environment for each game. The lights give the desk a flair and help you get in the mood for the game.


The gaming table offers a cup holder to keep your drinks aside. It also has a headset holder to keep it safe. Lastly there is a space to store all your games. This gaming desk will help you stay organized so you can use all the free space for gaming. It also has a smart cable rack which will keep all the cables and wires away from your desk.


The best feature of this gaming setup is the lifetime money back guarantee. The manufacturers are very confident in their product. You will be pleased with your purchase or else you always have the option for refund.


  • Nicely packaged.
  • Sleek design.
  • You can change the speed and colours of the RGB lights.
  • More Leg room.
  • Ample space for 2 monitors.


  • The assembly is difficult as parts do not fit perfectly.

Best Gaming Setup – Comparison Chart

ProductsDimensionsWeightMax CapacitySurface MaterialLegsBuy Now
1. EUREKA ERGONOMIC Z60 Gaming Desk60.24 x 23.82 x 30.91 inches62 pounds220 lbs.MDF with carbon powder. Z – shape
2. VIT 44 Inch Ergonomic Gaming Desk44 x 24.4 x 28.5 inches55 pounds260 lbs.Carbon FiberZ- shape
3. EUREKA ERGONOMIC Z1-S Gaming Desk44.49 x 24.21 x 30.51 inches39.3 pounds200 lbs.Steel + MDF + ABS PlasticZ- shape
4. Tangkula 47.5″ Gaming Desk44.49 x 24.21 x 30.51 inches35 pounds220 lbsPVC carbon fiber surfaceK- shape
5. CNASA Gaming Desk47 x 25.8 x 7 inches46.1 poundsCarbon FiberZ- shape

Best Gaming Setup – Buying Guide


A very important factor while buying a gaming setup is the construction. A weak construction will make the table unsteady. While you place your prized gaming equipment on the desk you need it to be sturdy enough to carry their weight. 

A high-quality and durable table will last longer and provide greater support. For your gaming PC look for a desk with a sturdy steel frame that is powdered. A carbon fiber texture quality along with MDF board with PVC coating will make the table more durable.


The material used in the desk will have a significant impact on its strength and durability.The most common materials used to make desks are wood, PVC, glass and steel.

Wooden desks are mostly constructed from oak,pine or maple. They are used for their traditional look however, they can be quite heavy.

Glass desks give a modern and sleek look. They are supported by a steel frame. However, they are fragile and break easily.

The best kind are the PVC and steel tables.Most are a mix of both with PVC table top and a steel frame. They are lightweight and easy to carry.


Size matters a lot especially if you have a lot of equipment to put on the desk. Large desks are often wide enough to cater 2 monitors. If you have smaller space in your room and need a compact desk. Usually the small to wide desks range from 44 to 50 inches.


Desks are shaped in many shapes to ensure comfort and accessibility. The shape will also play a great role if you have a small corner and need to fit in a desk there. There is a standard shape which is the rectangular desk. 

Then there is a u shape desk which will enable you to access your PC on three of your sides. Lastly, it is the L-shaped desk which is less constricting than the U-shape one. It can easily fit into a corner.

Weight Capacity

While buying a desk, it is important that the desk is sturdy and stable. For you to set your gaming on it, it needs to support at least 110 to 200 pounds. This will provide stability and safety to devices.


With purchase of furniture comes assembly. Some of your time will inevitably be spent assembling your table. Brands are vigorously working on improving their user manuals and minimizing parts. Manufacturers pack each of the parts separately for user’s ease. If assembly is not really your forte then purchasing a small desk might be a better idea.

Best Gaming Setup – FAQs

What are the benefits of using a gaming setup?

You need a proper gaming setup to properly showcase your gaming PC and keep it safe. A large space on your desk will allow you to stay organized and keep essentials near you.

A desk provides proper shelves for the equipment like a sectio for CPU, keyboard etc. A gaming desk also manages your cables without creating a clutter. Lastly a desk and chair is very important in ensuring that your body remains in the right posture maintaining your health.

What is the perfect height for a gaming table?

The perfect height for your gaming desk should be at your elbow placement. This will enable you to be comfortable and your forearms are straight. If your desk is higher or lower than this, then it would be difficult to maintain posture.

How much time is required to assemble a gaming desk?

There is a large variety of gaming desks available in the market nowadays. Modern desks are usually lightweight and easy to assemble. It only takes about 15 to 30 minutes to assemble one.


Getting the best gaming setup will not only keep your PC safe but would positively affect your health too. A gaming setup will properly showcase your PC keeping everything within reach. You can find the best gaming setup for yourself from the above or some other using the buyer’s guide. This will help you find what you are looking for.

If you’re on a budget then check out these amazing gaming PCs under 1000 as well.

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