5 Best MSI Gaming Laptop For You

In recent years, MSI has become one of the best companies in the technology market and especially in the gaming industry. From things as small as mouse pads, to full-fledged gaming computers and laptops, etc. An MSI gaming laptop will serve you with top-notch performance if you’re a gamer. 

If we talk about an MSI gaming laptop in particular, it is typically a mixture of some amazing performance stats and a durable, premium quality body. From high-end, top of the line gaming laptops to some budget gaming laptops, you can find everything in MSI’s lineup. 

If you’re looking to buy a gaming laptop, then look no further. In this article, we’ll be reviewing the top 5 best MSI gaming laptops and going into all their details. By the end of this, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect from your purchase and which are some of the best gaming laptops from MSI that you can buy, so read further. 

Best MSI Gaming Laptops 

1. MSI GL65 Leopard 10SFK-062 15.6″ FHD 144Hz 3ms Thin Bezel Gaming Laptop

MSI GL65 Leopard 10SFK-062 15.6


Design Elements

The GL65 Leopard comes with the basic design, much like the GS75 stealth. Its dimensions are 1.1 x 14.1 x 9.8 inches. The overall design of the laptop however, is pretty great and follows your typical gaming laptop look. The color schemes used in this one are the most common, black and red color schemes. On the lid, there are two lines in the middle and a backlit MSI red-colored logo. 


The side positioning of the ports in the GL65 Leopard MSI gaming laptop is a little inconvenient.  Nevertheless, there’s a good amount of ports present. On the left, you’ll find the Ethernet port, an HDMI port, a mini Display port, USB 3.2 Type-A and Type-C ports, a separate port for headphones and one microphone port. 

Coming towards the right side of the MSI gaming laptop, you’ll find two more USB 3.2 Type-A ports, one SD-card reader and the power connector. 

Display Features

Given the price of this MSI gaming laptop, the display on it, is pretty great. It comes powered by one of the newest GPUs, the Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070, which gives outstanding results at 1080p resolution. The screen itself shows great colors and a bright, anti-glare viewing surface. Moreover, thanks to the IPS technology, the viewing angles on the GL65 Leopard are also pretty intense. 

The panel has a refresh rate of 144Hz, which is very reasonable for even the newer games. All in all, the powerful RTX 2070 will pull through in successfully running most, if not all the new AAA titles. 


  • Offers a good value for money
  • Powerful 144 Hz display
  • The keyboard is backlit
  • Comes with the new GeForce RTX 2070


  • The placement of the ports is not good

2. CUK MSI GF65 Thin Gaming Laptop

CUK MSI GF65 Thin Gaming Laptop


Design & Build

This particular MSI gaming laptop, as the name suggests, is one of the thinnest in the gaming industry. Due to its thin size, it can’t compete with the big boys of the MSI gaming laptop league, but it still is pretty great. This is due to the fact that this thin body has the RTX 2060 GPU crammed inside it. 

If we talk about the body itself, it’s a premium blend of plastic and aluminum. The area around the keyboard, and the laptop covered is fully made up of aluminum. Whereas, the frame of the screen and the bottom of the laptop is all plastic. 

Although the brushed aluminum adds a really premium feel to the laptop, it also is extremely prone to fingerprints, and that looks really bad in some cases. 

Screen Performance

The screen on the CUK MSI GF65 is a typical mid-range gaming laptop screen. It has a 120 Hz frequency, which is average, given the price and the laptop’s standing. The contrast and color levels are good. But if you’re a picture or video editor, this screen is not for you. 

Gaming Performance

The MSI GF65 comes with the Intel Core i7 Six-Core Processor. That, coupled with the 32 GB RAM and 1 TB Hard drive, makes up a really great machine. Moreover, what adds to its power is the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6 GB GPU. Some games like Far Cry 5, Borderlands 3, etc. were tested out. The results weren’t the best when compared to the big laptops, but they were quite satisfactory for the give specs and laptop’s price point. 


  • Extremely thin and lightweight
  • For the price of this laptop, it offers great performance
  • 3 Years of Limited Warranty


  • Not the best performing laptop, especially for graphic designers 

3. MSI GF63 Thin 9SCX-005 15. 6″ FHD Gaming Laptop

MSI GF63 Thin 9SCX-005 15. 6



The MSGF63 Thin is pretty much the same as the MSI GS65 Stealth Thin. To put it simply, it has an amazing design. The screen to body ratio on this MSI gaming laptop is 82%, which is really great for gaming. The MSI GF63 has the typical gaming, red and black color scheme. The heat sinks on this laptop are covered with plastic coverings unlike the copper ones in the MSI GS65 Stealth. 


To deliver great performance, this MSI gaming laptop comes with a Core i5 processor. For all your graphic designing and gaming needs, it has the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 installed. With this graphic card, we are sure that it won’t have any problem running most eSports titles as well as the common shooter games like Fortnite and PUBG. The battery life is also very solid on this particular model as MSI ensures that it will easily last around 7 hours. 


  • Very thin bezels, making the design even more attractive
  • Great performance laptop for medium to high range gaming
  • Offers great value for money


  • You can’t make any upgrades to this laptop

4. MSI P65 Creator-1084 15.6″ 4K UHD Display, Ultra-Thin and Light, RTX Studio Laptop

MSI P65 Creator-1084 15.6


Great Design

This particular MSI gaming laptop, the MSI P65 Creator is made out of aluminum instead of plastic, unlike their usual designs. But even with the aluminum body, the company has managed to keep it super lightweight. Overall, the design and body might feel flimsy to some, but it’s not that bad. Moreover, the design also looks quite sleek and compact. 


If we talk about the left side of this MSI gaming laptop, you’ll find the security lock slot, an Ethernet port, two USB ports and individual ports for headphone and microphone. Moving on the right side, you’ll find the HDMI port, the mini Display Port, one more USB port, a port for Thunderbolt 3 and one AC adapter connection port. 


The performance on this MSI gaming laptop is very decent. Some might call it even more than decent. The specs are great, thanks to the Intel Core i7 Processor with the graphics powered by the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6 GB. Speed is also great on this model as it has a built-in 32 GB RAM. 

With these specs, the performance benchmark results, especially for gaming, are really amazing. Except for the battery timings, it performs really well in almost all other aspects when compared to laptops of the same range. 


  • The processor and GPU delivers great performance
  • 144 Hz display which gives great contrasts and colors 
  • Effective for both gaming as well as graphic designing and other tasks 


  • Falls short in the battery life sector

5. MSI GL63 9SDK-614 15.6″ Gaming Laptop

MSI GL63 9SDK-614 15.6


Exterior and Designing

If you’re expecting a newer generation, compact laptop design, then the MSI GL63 isn’t the one for you. It’s more a full-size performance laptop, designed to fulfil your gaming needs. It weighs around 2.3 Kgs, which shows how heavy-duty it really is. The keyboard area and the lid is made up of brushed aluminum, whereas the bottom and the sides are made up of plastic, much like in many other MSI gaming laptop models. It also follows the usual black and red aesthetic, like most other MSI gaming laptops. The air intake grills are on the bottom with vents on the back as well.

Overall, the design looks very sturdy and tough, which contrasts really well with the type of gaming performance it delivers. 

Performance and Hardware

If we talk about this particular model’s hardware, it comes with the Inter Core i7 Processor along with 16 GB RAM. Moreover, to support the graphics, it has the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6 GB. Performance-wise, this MSI gaming laptop is great at handling multiple tasks at one time, with a very quiet operation. Overall, when tested on some newer games, the laptop performed really well and delivered some great benchmark results. 


The MSI GL63 comes with a full size keyboard. The keyboard is one of the most attractive components on this laptop since it is a red-colored backlit keyboard. All in all, the keys are quite soft and the keyboard typing experience is really quiet. But when it comes to the actual typing, we felt that you have to press a little too hard to get the accurate response. This was a bit of a letdown, as it greatly decreased the response and typing speed time. 


  • Soft keys for quiet typing along with attractive backlit design
  • A lot of room for overclocking
  • Great performance with quiet operation


  • Follows an old-school gaming laptop design
  • A little expensive for the performance

Comparison Chart

ProductProcessorGPURAMWeightBuy Now
MSI GL65 Leopard 10SFK-062 15.6″ FHD 144Hz 3ms Thin Bezel Gaming LaptopIntel Core i7-10750H 2.6-5.0GHzNVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8G GDDR616GB (8G*2) DDR49.78 pounds
CUK MSI GF65 Thin Gaming LaptopIntel Core i7-9750H Six Core Processor (12MB Cache, 2.6GHz-4.5GHz)NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB GDDR632GB DDR43.96 pounds
MSI GF63 Thin 9SCX-005 15. 6″ FHD Gaming LaptopIntel Core i5-9300H 2 4 – 4 1GHzNVIDIA GeForce GTX1650 [Max-Q] 4G GDDR58GB (8G*1) DDR47.78 pounds
MSI P65 Creator-1084 15.6″ 4K UHD Display, Ultra-Thin and Light, RTX Studio LaptopIntel Core i7-9750h 2.6 – 4.5ghzNVidia GeForce RTX 2060 6GB GDDR632gb (16 gram x 2) ddr48.28 pounds
MSI GL63 9SDK-614 15.6″ Gaming LaptopIntel Core i7-9750h 2. 6 – 4. 5GHzNVIDIA GeForce GTX1660Ti 6G GDDR616GB (8G*2) DDR49.48 pounds

Buying Guide

In this part, we’ll talk about some important things that you need to consider before buying an MSI gaming laptop for yourself. 


The GPU of your laptop will determine the graphics that you will have for your gaming experience. The better the GPU, the better the graphics will be. This all means that your laptop’s ability to run games also depends directly on the GPU you have. If you’re aiming for the high-end gaming, then the RTX 2070, would be just about right for you. 


Depending on your budget, the processor should also be one of the most important considerations on your list. You can get the newer generation Intel Core i7 processor if your budget allows or you can go for the older gen i3s or i5s, depending on the type of gaming experience you want. 


RAM is also a main component that will determine your overall gaming experience and more importantly, the speed of your computer. The magic number is considered to be 16 GB, however a minimum of 8 GB is required by every game. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Are MSI Gaming Laptops pricey?

Answer: MSI gaming laptops come in a huge range of variations and hence, prices. You can find a MSI gaming laptop for $1000 but you can also find one for $2000. It all depends on your budget.

Question: Does having a good keyboard matters?

Answer: Keyboard is a very defining piece of hardware in your gaming experience. With a good keyboard which has soft keys, you can enjoy quick response times and therefore faster gaming. 


In conclusion, MSI is a great company which manufactures some really powerful gaming machines. If you have a good budget, then going for one of the aforementioned gaming laptops would be a great idea. We hope that this article will help you in making a sensible purchase for yourself. 

To enhance your gaming experience, don’t forget to use the Best RAM for gaming. Check out this article to know more about gaming RAMs.

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