5 Best Razer Keyboards To Buy In 2020

A PC gaming setup is incomplete without a gaming keyboard. Gaming keyboards are an excellent way to add some coolness to your gaming rig while giving you the added benefit of high responsiveness, excellent typing and gaming experience, and the ability to customize keys according to your preference. Here’s where a Razer gaming keyboard comes into play.

There are several brands available in the market for gaming keyboards. The top brands are Razer, CORSAIR, SteelSeries, etc. If we talk about Razer keyboards specifically, they’re amazing keyboards that look astounding and give a high performance as well. From RGB lighting to different customization options and designs, Razer keyboards offer something for every keyboard user.

There is a wide variety of Razer keyboards available in the gaming industry, and that can make it hard for you to choose which one to go with. In this article, we’ll be listing down the 5 best Razer keyboards that you can buy in 2020, to enhance and take your gaming experience to the next level.

1.) ​Razer BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Razer BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


Different Switches

The Razer BlackWidow Elite might not have many customization options, but it still is a very decent gaming keyboard. It has three different switches that you can choose from tactile, clicky, and linear. The keys are soft and hardly make any noise when being typed on, which makes it great for office environments as well other than gaming of course.

Personalized Experience

The keys are all macro programmable, giving a comfortable and personalized typing experience. Like most Razer keyboards, the Razer BlackWidow Elite also comes with full RGB lighting that can be customized using the Razer Synapse 3 software.

One new addition to the BlackWidow Elite opposed to the previous model are media keys.

Cushioned Wrist Rest

Furthermore, it also features a comfortable, cushioned wrist rest now, which was also missing in the last model. Some might argue that the Razer BlackWidow Elite is a little overpriced, which is quite true; it still is a pretty excellent gaming keyboard that can last you a very long time.


  • 80 million keystrokes life span
  • Media controls finally made it into the design
  • Comfortable, cushioned wrist rest
  • Aesthetically pleasing backlighting


  • The volume wheel is placed at an inconvenient spot
  • Doesn’t offer the value for its money

2.) ​Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard

Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard


Build Quality

The Razer Ornata Chroma combines the feeling of clicky and membrane mechanical switches into one keyboard. The built of the keyboard is all plastic, but it still is quite durable. The plastic body, however, does take away its premium look and feel. The keycaps are smooth and feel nice while typing.

Moreover, the keyboard also comes with a wrist rest for added comfort for long gaming and typing hours.

Detachable Wrist Rest

Razer Ornata Chroma is a full-size keyboard that is quite large, and it ends up taking even more space if you’re using the wrist rest. Luckily, the wrist rest is detachable. The keyboard also features RGB backlighting like most other Razer keyboards. They can be fully customized according to different keys, through the software.


Overall, the keyboard has an ergonomic design with low profile keycaps that give you a comfortable typing experience. Although the keyboard is full size, it still doesn’t have any dedicated media keys, which is a shame. Other than that, the Razer Ornata Chroma is a great keyboard that can be good enough to offer you excellent gaming experience.


  • Full RGB backlighting
  • Very lightweight but durable at the same time
  • Comfortable magnetic wrist rest
  • Comes with unique Mecha-membrane switch technology


  • No media keys is a big letdown
  • Problems with the Razer Synapse software

​3.) Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard

Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard


Optical Switches

The Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard is another great addition to the Razer keyboards lineup. It has optical switches that are clicky and feel super responsive and great to type on.

Premium Look

Although the Razer Huntsman has a complete plastic body, it does have a metal plate on top, which adds a little to its premium look. The keys, however, are made from plastic, but they still feel very comfortable to type, regardless.

The Ups And Downs

Almost all Razer keyboards have RGB backlighting, and the Razer Huntsman is no different. The ergonomics of the keyboard are not the best. It has two adjustment angles, but typing for long hours can still get tiring because of the absence of wrist rest.

Although it doesn’t have dedicated keys for media, it still offers some extra features like macro programmable keys, etc.

Since the keys are clicky, the keyboard can be a little loud when you’re typing on it, so it’s not the best for quiet environments. Although the keycaps are a little wobbly, the overall typing experience of the Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard is outstanding. It feels comfortable to type on and has a perfect responsive key build.


  • Durable all-plastic body with an aluminum top plate
  • Although it’s made for gaming, it performs well for programming tasks as well
  • Fully customizable RGB backlighting
  • Comes with few extra vital features


  • Doesn’t have dedicated media keys
  • Doesn’t feature an ergonomic design
  • Clicky switches make it a little noise

​4.) Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard

Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard


Optomechanical Switch

The Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard is a new addition to the line of Razer keyboards, which offers improved gaming and typing experience. What makes this item unique is the fact that it comes with an optomechanical switch, which means that both the properties of an optical as well as a mechanical switch are combined in one.


Stabilizer Bar

The keys are not wobbly at all because each key features its own stabilizer bar. The keys due to the optomechanical switches feel incredibly comfortable and responsive to type on. To enhance the typing comfort, the keyboard also comes with a wrist rest that can be magnetically attached to the body.

Volume Control Dial

On the top right side of the keyboard, there is a volume control dial that adds a unique touch to the aesthetic design of the keyboard. One great thing is that you can also change that dial’s functions to other things like zooming in and out on MS Word, changing tracks, etc.

Overall, the Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard comes with many changes and additions that many previous Razer keyboards lacked in their design and functionality.


  • Features the highly innovative optomechanical switches
  • Highly comfortable, dual cushioned wrist rest
  • Aesthetically pleasing RGB backlighting
  • Comes with dedicated media controls


  • The price of the keyboard is quite high
  • Doesn’t have macro programmable keys
  • The keycap quality isn’t good

​5.) Razer RZ03-OCKB-B Ornata Chroma – Revolutionary Mecha-Membrane Gaming Keyboard

Razer RZ03-OCKB-B Ornata Chroma - Revolutionary Mecha-Membrane Gaming Keyboard


Mecha-Membrane Switch Tech

The Razer RZ03 Ornata Chroma is probably one of the most affordable Razer keyboards with most, if not all, the exciting features that most gamers need. The Razer Ornata Chroma features the Mecha-membrane switch technology. This is a silicone domed switch combined with a mechanical switch. This technology gives you the benefits and responsiveness of both the switches in one.

Excellent Keycaps

The keycaps on this one are updated too. They’re mid-level keycaps allowing you to type faster and enable the keys to take less time to register every click. The Razer Ornata Chroma also comes with a cushioning wrist rest pad that can be attached to the keyboard magnetically.

A little downside of the keyboard, however, is the absence of any dedicated media keys. Moreover, there is no pass-through available for extra headphones or other devices.

But overall, with its RGB lighting body, overall gaming and typical usage performance and the unbelievably low price tag of the Razer Ornata Chroma makes it one of the most desirable keyboards Razer, or in fact, any other company has ever produced.


  • Offers fantastic value for its money
  • Comes with the new mecha-membrane switch technology
  • Can be used for gaming as well as regular usage
  • Fully customizable RGB lighting


  • Doesn’t have dedicated media keys
  • No extra pass-throughs available
  • Requires improvement in the software
ProductKey TypeWrist RestRGB LightingProduct WeightProduct DimensionsBuy Now
1.) ​Razer BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Gaming KeyboardMechanical Green3.69 pounds9.16 x 17.65 x 1.67 inches
2.) ​Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming KeyboardMecha-Mem brane2.1 pounds18.24 x 6.67 x 1.3 inches
3.) ​Razer Huntsman Gaming KeyboardOpto-Mecha nical1.90 pounds5.52 x 17.51 x 1.38 inche
4.) Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming KeyboardOpto-Mecha nical3.76 pounds9.22 x 17.64 x 1.42 inches
5.) Razer RZ03-OCKB-B Ornata ChromaMecha-Mem brane3.00 pounds19.50 x 10.20 x 2.00 inches
Comparison Chart

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Are mechanical keyboards loud?

Answer: Mechanical keyboards are a treat to type on, but they can be a bit noisy. Although the level of sound depends on the type of switch used in the keyboard. Generally, mechanical keyboards are a little louder than other keyboards.

Question: Are gaming keyboards worth the money?

Answer: Some might think that keyboards are all the same, and how different the experience can be when it comes to gaming and a standard keyboard. Well, we believe that people who think like that most probably aren’t real gamers. The standard keyboards might give you a decent gaming experience, but a dedicated gaming keyboard will take you to a level of gaming comfort that you didn’t know existed.

Question: Are mechanical keyboards the better choice for gaming?

Answer: Generally, the majority of gamers use mechanical keyboards for gaming. The reason behind their choice is that mechanical keyboards have higher feedback and are great when it comes to responsiveness. Rubber dome keyboards, too, however, aren’t at all bad, and they also give a really comfortable gaming experience, and many gamers use them.

Question: Can gaming keyboards be used with PS4 or Xbox?

Answer: For sure! Although it might seem a little weird and unconventional to use a keyboard with PS4 or Xbox One, it is possible, and many people do it. People who have been PC gamers during most of their lives or who just switched from computer gaming to console gaming can avail of this option and use a gaming keyboard to play games on PS4 and Xbox One.

Buying Guide

There are some things and features that you should consider when it comes to buying a gaming keyboard for your gaming setup

Switch Type

There are two main switch types for gaming keyboards: mechanical and rubber dome. Mechanical keyboards have individual switches for each key, giving them a clicky feel and sound, much like a typewriter, but makes them highly responsive.

On the other hand, the rubber dome keyboards have a rubber membrane which registers each keystroke. Although these keyboards are great too, most professional gamers tend to choose mechanical keyboards for gaming due to their high responsiveness.

Wired or Wireless

This mostly comes down to your personal preference. Both wireless and wired keyboards are widely available in the market. However, most gamers prefer using wired keyboards. The reason behind their choice is that a direct connection to the computer takes away all kinds of input lags that a wireless keyboard might face. Causing you some severe losses in your games.

Design & Customization

Most gamers like to show off with their cool designed computers and other hardware. If you’re a simple person, you can go for a simple ergonomic designed keyboard. But if you’re like most other gamers, you would want something with a sleek, sinister design and RGB lighting with customizable patterns. And let us tell you, there’re plenty of options available for both types of gamers.


Gaming keyboards form an essential part of any gamers’ overall gaming experience. Some might not believe that they make much difference in our gaming performances, but they actually do.

You won’t know the difference unless you try. We hope that this article will help you find the best Razer keyboards for your gaming experiences, or our buying guide will help you pick out a different gaming keyboard which you think is more suitable to the type of gaming experience that you feel is more suitable.

If you’re in search of gaming computers as well then give this article a read.

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