5 Best Skytech Gaming Accessories

According to a report from the Entertainment Software Association, there are around 2500 video Gaming industries in the U.S alone. With thousands of companies manufacturing gaming machines, choosing the one that outweighs all the others can be challenging. But don’t worry we have got you covered. This article will help you to choose from one of the most trusted Gaming set-ups i.e Skytech Gaming system.

From oldest to the most unique models of all time. Skytech Gaming PCs have pretty much everything in the store. Be it the modern and sleek cases or fun-filled RGB lighting these computers have got your back. 

So, not to delay it any further, here is the review of the 5 top-notch gaming products by Skytech Gaming, with specs, pros, and cons.

1. Skytech Blaze II Gaming Computer

Skytech Blaze II Gaming Computer

With a powerful punch and a solid 1080p, HD+, and  4k resolutions, Blaze II is one of the best products by Skytech gaming.


Here are the specifications of this black beauty:

The Elite Glass Design

The classic Blaze II PC has a honeycomb mesh attributing the minimal weight of the product (23pounds). The mesh also lets you explore the inside of the product – the red or rainbow LED lights, the minor details, and the unique internals. This outclass glass material adds on to the beauty of this product.

AAA Gaming

Thanks to the manufacturers you can now have access to most of the AAA titles. With fast performance and ultra-resolution, this PC has the built-in capability to tolerate the heavy and most popular games of all time.

AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Processor

Skytech gaming has updated the processing performance of this model. It is more or less similar to the Skytech Blaze (old) model. However, AMD Ryzen 5 chipset with 6-core can run 30x faster than traditional HDD. 

Moreover, Skytech Blade II can boost up to 3.9GHz in turbo mode.


  • Superfast processor
  • No bloatware
  • 3 x RGB RING fans for cooling
  • Up-to-date model
  • Comes with keyboard and mouse
  • 6 total USB Ports


  • 8 gigs of RAM sounds like a bummer, you will eventually have to upgrade it
  • Built-in fans are too loud for some users

2. Skytech Shadow Gaming Computer

Skytech Shadow Gaming Computer

The ideal balance between the outstanding processor and the gaming graphics is what makes this PC one of the best innovations by Skytech Gaming.


Now let’s discuss the basic features of Skytech Shadow PC.

Excellent For Gaming

This is the most amazing feature of the product. Mind you, when I say The I actually mean it. The Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics is what makes a Shadow PC The best choice for Gaming Platforms.

You didn’t even know that you needed something so extraordinary until now. Be it the games of today or the games of tomorrow, Skytech’s Shadow has got you covered. 

AAA Gaming and VR Compatibility 

Well, its ability to process AAA titles is not any different than the Blaze II PC. The high resolution of 1080 graphics supports all the heavy-duty games a gamer knows of. 

Moreover, a SkyTech Shadow gaming PC has also opened the doors for many Virtual Reality titles. Looks like Skytech Gaming is way ahead in the tech-world already? 

Nonetheless, to step into the world of Virtual Reality, experts recommend using a more VR compatible device with at least 16GB RAM.

Powerful Quad-Core Processing

AMD Ryzen 3 1200 4 processor core assists you with an increase in performance while you are hooked into the gaming world. 

This AMD Ryzen 1200 CPU clocks in 3.4 GHz in Turbo Mode. Additionally, it is even capable of overclocking to 4.0 GHz, Woah! 


  • Cost less, work better
  • Comes with flashing keyboard and mouse
  • Small size (easy to fix under a desk)
  • The RAM can be expanded up to 32 GB
  • High-end Gaming Platform
  • Fast and reliable
  • Total 6 USB Ports 


  • 8 GB RAM will run out in no time
  • Not to ignore the subtle humming of the fan, that can be a bit disturbing

3. Skytech Chronos Gaming Computer

Skytech Chronos Gaming Computer

Next in the line of Skytech Gaming products is this 1TB SSD Hard Drive with 3000MHz memory Chronos Gaming Computer.


Listing down the foremost noticeable features of this product for your ease:

The Intelligent Processor

An AMD processor with Ryzen 7? You know already you’ve finally found the one efficient processor. With 8 cores and 16 threads (yes you heard it right!), your Desktop can run multiple applications in the background. 

More core means better performance. AMD Ryzen 7 2700x 8-core 4.3 GHz Turbo, you have it all in the name.

Advanced GPU with Ray-Tracing

Skytech gaming knows no end when it comes to improving the gaming performance of its products. But this time we are talking about the most advanced Geforce Graphics Unit of all time. The RTX 2070 Super 8GB performs 6 times better than the other generations.

VR Compatibility

The use of technology to make everyday gaming experience out-of-the-world is truly commendable. I mean a PC that has the best GPU system as well as provides you with virtual realism? Who am I kidding?

The Skytech Chronos gaming computer offers a level of immersion like nobody else. This can be just about the right system for you to experience the vivid world of VR. 


  • Glass side panel
  • Offers gaming and streaming at the same time
  • RGB light scheme
  • Plenty of room for extra RAM 
  • Powerful graphic card
  • Ultimate boosting ability 


  • Pricey but worth the money
  • Few customers had a problem with it being too heavy that it froze their screen

4. Skytech Archangel Gaming Computer

Skytech Archangel Gaming Computer

This is the latest edition in the list of Skytech gaming exclusive products. With 16GB gaming memory and Ryzen’s newest 3rd Gen chips, Skytech Archangel is doing rounds in the gaming world.


But what makes this product soo special? Let’s find out.

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Processor

Well well, do I even have to explain it to you? The name pretty much sums up the product’s outclass processing ability.

This model of Skytech archangel surpasses all the previous models with its massive processing and gaming performance. The newly introduced processors with PCIe 4.0, 6-Core, and 12-Thread can easily overclock up to 4.2 GHz.

Phenomenal Graphics

A good graphic system is the key to make the most out of the gaming world. Well here is some good news: Skytech Archangel Gaming PC is supported by the GeForce RTX 2070 Graphics. This feature aids in gaming and live streaming concurrently.

Moreover, this product can trace the path of light, assisting in Hyper Realism and Ray Tracing.

Multi-Monitor Setup

This is the most modernized feature added by the Skytech gaming series. An Archangel Gaming computer can support up to four 4k displays at a time. This will add on to the luxury and top-notch experience for all time gamers. 


  • Consistent RGB lighting
  • Handy I/O Ports
  • Looks modern and stylish
  • 60+ FPS gameplay
  • No bloatware
  • Worth the money – literally!


  • Skytech Gaming needs to do something about the memory issue. Even with this product, you will have to add an extra SSD or HDD.

This is the only downside that reviewers have claimed about till now. Angel for a reason after all?

5. Skytech Shadow II Gaming Computer

Skytech Shadow II Gaming Computer

Just when you thought you had seen enough of a gaming desktop. Skytech Gaming introduced the most brilliant PC of all time. 


Following are some of the best features of Skytech Shadow II Gaming PC:

Multiprocessing Operating System

The CPU is the most crucial part of gaming. Skytech’s Shadow II PC has a Ryzen 7 2700 8-core processor. Most of the computers even in this era don’t come with an integrated Graphic Card. But this PC got everything under control. The high processing performance and an NVIDIA RTX 2060 dedicated graphic card work hand-in-hand. 

Live Streaming and Competitive Gaming

This feature lets you experience the most advanced gaming technology like never before. The hyperactive next-generation gaming with ultra-high resolution, your gaming experience will increase many folds. Be it AAA titles, Virtual Realms, or the games that demand 4k resolution, Skytech’s Shadow II will leave you with no complaint.

High Build Quality

The coolest RGB lighting, consistent color schemes, and various connectivity options are all built-in for a fun gaming experience. The multi-threading ability of this PC allows you to run multiple applications in the background. Moreover, it offers a 16GB DDR4 RAM to settle well with the highly functional processors and Graphic units.


  • No buzzing sound of the RGB Ring fans
  • 500 GB computer memory size
  • 6 USB ports 
  • Highly realistic graphics
  • Consistent color schemes
  • High quality with good price
  • Fast processor (30x faster than traditional HDD)
  • HD audio and mic


  • No liquid cooling
  • Doesn’t support BlueTooth (like the rest in series)

Comparison Chart

ProductComputer Memory SizeOperating SystemGraphics DescriptionItem DimensionsBuy Now
1. Skytech Blaze II Gaming Computer PC Desktop8 GBWindows 10 Home – 64bitDedicated20.1 x 9.7 x 21 inches
2. Skytech Shadow Gaming Computer Desktop PC8 GBWindows 10 Home – 64bitDedicated18.2 x 8.5 x 20.2 inches
3. Skytech Chronos Gaming PC Desktop16 GBWindows 10Dedicated20.3 x 19.3 x 14.9 inches
4. Skytech Archangel Gaming Computer PC Desktop16 GBWindows 10 Home – 64bitDedicated17.9 x 16.4 x 8.3 inches
5. Skytech Shadow II Gaming Computer PC Desktop500 GBWindows 10 Home – 64bitDedicated26 x 24.5 x 16 inches

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What does the package include?

These computers come pre-built but render no compromise in the quality. All these models come with a keyboard, mouse, set-up guide, and a power cable. No speakers or headsets are included in the package. The Archangel and Shadow series offer an internal DVD drive as well. Moreover, some models also involve antennas for wifi cards.

Question: How much volt does the power supply support?

Manufacturers claim that the power supplies support both 220 and 240 voltages. You can control the voltage with the switch built on the back of the power supply. However, some models have an auto-range ability as well that will automatically adjust the voltage.

Question: What is an AIO?

AIO stands for All-in-one. This property that is encased in most computers helps in cooling down the CPU and GPU when they start heating a little too much. Although some PCs in line don’t have a liquid cooling system. You should always check the product’s specifications to not regret it later.

Buying Guide

By now you are all set to decide what suits you best. However, there are a few things that we would want you to consider before buying a product.

Guide for noob gamers

If you are just entering into the world of gaming and know nothing about gaming PCs. you should always go for a little lighter and easy-to-use desktop. We would recommend you to go for the Skytech Blaze II gaming computer. You can flaunt its sleek design and mind you, its processors are not weak by any means.

If you want to experience the VR world but are tight on budget, you can choose Skytech Shadow for starters. This product offers great value for money and works very well.


Processors and graphics both are the foremost important parts when it comes to gaming. However, with this review, we noticed that some computers have better processing units, while others have high-resolution graphics. 

Finding a PC that offers the same standards for both can be difficult. However, there are many desktops in Skytech’s line that have an excellent processor as well as ultra-high resolution for games. Take an example of the latest Shadow II series, It has sky-high rates but then again you are demanding for luxury, that has its costs.

Thoughts about the RAM storage

You might question the gaming memory that most Skytech Gaming products offer. And your question is valid. But the good news is, most of the products aid you with add-ons, meaning you can buy more storage to upgrade your PC’s memory size.


Hopefully, this guide was an easy catch for anyone who is looking for the Best Gaming computers to add to the collection. However, you can always discuss it with your tech-expert friends or someone who already owns one such product. 

But, If you are still confused to choose from the thousands of gaming desktops available, you can always go through this article for a clearer and better understanding. 

If you want to know about the best gaming keyboards too, then give this article a read.

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