Best Razer Basilisk Mouse Review

As essential as it is to find the best CPU and GPU for your PC, a good gaming mouse is a real game-changer too. It can make your gaming experience a hit or miss, depending on which one you pick. If you have been into gaming for quite a while, then you might have heard of Razer. The company is well known for its headsets, keyboards, and other gaming PC essentials. This article is aimed at reviewing the Razer Basilisk mice.

Razer will undoubtedly be your best bet if you are hunting down different options for the best gaming mouse. Razer has a gaming mouse for almost all occasions. The varying game style, designs, and button placement mean that it has something in store for everyone.

Although it is great to have tons of options to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming too. Therefore, to make the decision easy for you, we have reviewed the best razer basilisk in the article below.

1. Razer Basilisk Ultimate HyperSpeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

Razer Basilisk Ultimate HyperSpeed Wireless Gaming Mouse


High build quality 

The Razer Basilisk has the ultimate build quality that users wish to have. Although it has the same plastic as the original Basilisk, the overall feel is much better. You won’t feel that the parts are wobbly at all.

The portability of this mouse is another attractive feature. Although many people buy it dedicatedly for gaming at home, it can easily fit in a laptop bag if you want to carry it on the go.

User-friendly button setup 

When it comes to the button setup, the Razer Basilisk is no slouch. It comes with 11 programmable buttons, a thumb paddle, and two standard thumb buttons that are easy to reach. Besides, there are two buttons below the scroll wheels. 

The scroll wheel is also quite interesting as it carries a dial underneath the mouse. With the dial, you can tune the firmness of the notches; hence you can easily scroll through equipment during the game. 

Wired or wireless

With this mouse, you get to pick whether you want to use it with wire or as a wireless gaming mouse. It comes with a USB cable for users who wish to connect it to the PC. 

RGB lighting 

For an aesthetic appeal, the Razer Basilisk comes with RGB lighting that significantly contributes to its overall look. The mouse carries 14 lighting zones that divide between the scroll wheel, the company’s logo, and the LED strip that runs on the left of the mouse.


Charging this mouse is as simple as it can be, as you can easily set the mouse on a stand to keep the battery full. Even if charging the mouse slips your mind, the Razer Basilisk Ultimate offers up to 100 hours of battery life. 


  • Offers solid grip
  • Good thumb support
  • Strong new sensor
  • Tunable performance
  • Wireless operation


  • A bit pricey
  • DPI paddle can be short for some people

2. Razer Basilisk V2

Razer Basilisk V2


Hop from game to game quickly 

The Razer Basilisk V2 is the one for gamers who like to play multiple games in a single session instead of sticking to just one game. It makes switching from one game to another an effortless task. 

The mouse has 11 programmable buttons that include a thumb paddle. You can use this paddle as a sensitivity clutch and also assign a secondary task to it. 

Remapping the buttons is a piece of cake, thanks to the Razer Synapse 3. Each button can be assigned with different inputs so you can have easy access to aim, shoot, or run as you play the game.

Onboard memory 

The V2 features onboard memory that can store five different profile layouts. You can use this for multiple players or just for having varying controls for your games. You can assign a particular game to each different profile. So as soon as the game launches, the mouse will automatically use the lighting scheme and the control you have set.

Scroll wheel

The Razer Basilisk V2 has a tactile scroll wheel. You can adjust the click of the wheel using the tension dial present underneath the mouse. The more “clicky” the scroll wheel is, the easier it will be for you to pick spells, weapons, or players during the game.

The smoothness of the wheel is well suited to zoom in when you want to aim at an object. The wheel also has a clickability on the right and left so you can conveniently reload when the game gets intense.

Multiple sensitivity levels

You can customize the sensitivity level of your mouse at five different levels, ranging between 100 and 20,000 DPI. You can also assign different sensitivity for the movement on the X and Y-axis. 

To save the user from accidentally changing the sensitivity, the sensitivity button is well located under the scroll wheel. So, with this mouse, you can stay focused on your game without having to worry about any accidental change in setting. 


For people who love an RGB lighting element in the mouse, the V2 features two lighting zones that sit between the scroll wheel and the logo. You can customize the lighting according to your preference using the Synapse 3 application. You can adjust the brightness, change the color, or pick any of the five different effects.


  • High-quality optical sensor
  • Adjustable scroll wheel resistance
  • Programmable buttons
  • Comfortable design
  • Easy customization


  • Onboard memory is limited
  • Left and right button can feel flimsy

3. Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse

Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse


Contemporary design 

In terms of design, the Razer Mamba is similar to other mice by Razer. It has seven programmable buttons that include the two side buttons, primary mouse buttons, a button in the scroll wheel and two buttons under the wheel. The mouse has slight contours to it if you compare it to the Razer Basilisk. 

Ditch the wire

The standout feature of the Mamba is the wireless functionality. However, to keep the user’s choice in consideration, Razer has also given an option of a wired connection. A significant benefit of this mouse is that it makes use of AA battery, hence offering you a rechargeable power source. 

Long battery life

The Razer Mamba offers competitive battery life for a wireless mouse that can function for up to 50 hours. This might sound like a big claim, but Razer has stayed true to it as you can continue to use the mouse for a whole week as you are gaming or using the PC without the battery draining out. 

Solid build 

The Mamba Wireless mouse has a reliable built quality, which you cannot neglect. The top side of the mouse has matte black plastic that does not pick up any fingerprints. The sides of the mouse have rubber grips to ensure that you can have a solid grasp on the mouse as you aim and shoot during your intensive gaming session. 


  • Good battery life
  • Robust rubber side grips
  • Overall build quality is impressive
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Reliable sensor


  • Clicks are mushy and soft
  • The software requires account creation

4. Razer Basilisk Gaming Mouse

Razer Basilisk Gaming Mouse


Comfortable design 

For right-handed people, the Razer Basilisk offers comfortable grip not only the palm but, on the claw, too.  The shape of the mouse adjusts well on your palm, where the divot running down the left side of the mouse keeps your finger in place. 

To provide additional support, there is a wing on the side so your thumb can rest on it comfortably.

Improved design 

Gratefully with this model, Razer has left behind the flaky matte coating and the glossy plastic. The Razer Basilisk Gaming Mouse features a smooth plastic surface that is better to hold. The rubber on the sides allow for a better grip so you can continue to target down your enemies without your hand slipping from the mouse.

Button setup

It might not be essential to say, but the left and right buttons of this mouse are quite satisfying to click. These buttons are separate from the main body, which makes them much more accessible. The buttons present on the side are not mushy too. Technically, this adds to the durability as the whole plastic shell does not flex when you use the buttons.

Customizable resistance 

With the scroll wheel of the Razer Basilisk, you can customize the level of resistance. This is useful, especially if you frequently end up switching up once while accidentally nudging the scroll wheel. You can opt for a more substantial feel to avoid such accidents as you play.


  • Comfortable design 
  • Sensor tracks flawlessly
  • Thumb clutch is a great addition
  • Feature-laden


  • A little heavy

5. Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse

Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse


Gaming mouse in a budget

The Razer DeathAdder is one of the most affordable gaming mice that you can find. It is well equipped with sound specs, which makes it worth the penny. Overall, the mouse has two Razer Chroma lighting zones, seven programmable buttons, 16000 DPI, and 1000 Hz polling rate.

Simple yet elegant 

You can’t help but admire the minimalistic yet modern design of this mouse, hence keeping up with other mice in the DeathAdder range. The ergonomic shape, paired with the light-up accents, makes the mouse stand out on your gaming station without looking too overwhelming.

The wire 

The cable of the Razer DeathAdder Elite is soft, which allows for flexibility while you move the mouse on the desk. It has a length of 2.1 meters, which is quite generous for a gaming mouse in this price range. The mouse has two Teflon coated feet under it and another one around the sensor, which lets the DeathAdder glide smoothly across the surface. 

The sensor

The star of the show for the DeathAdder Elite is the sensor. It comes with 16000 DPI so you can move the mouse around on both soft and hard mouse pads with ease. With the high optical sensor, Elite keeps a good track during the gaming session. 

Button setup

When it comes to button placement, the mouse has two elongated buttons that provide easy access to the tip and pad of your thumb. The button has a stippled grip underneath where you can rest your thumb while moving the mouse around. 


  • Ergonomic, attractive design
  • Great optical sensor
  • Sturdy construction
  • Good value for money
  • Separate X/Y axis tweaking


  • The software installation process is lengthy
  • No support for deceleration 

Comparison Chart 

ProductWeightSensorProgrammable buttonsConnection  Buy Now
1. Razer Basilisk Ultimate HyperSpeed Wireless Gaming Mouse107 grams20,000 DPI11Wireless
2. Razer Basilisk V292 grams20,000 DPI11Wired
3. Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse136 grams16,000 DPI7Wireless
4. Razer Basilisk Gaming Mouse109 grams16,000 DPI8Wired
5. Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse131 grams 16,000 DPI7Wired

Best Razer Basilisk FAQs

Now that we have looked through some of the best mice by Razer, you might have some queries regarding your purchase of gaming mouse. The following frequently asked questions by users will assist in clearing away your confusion.  

Is a wireless mouse better than a wired one? 

It entirely depends on your preferences when deciding between these two. For ease of use, a wireless mouse is a preferable choice. However, if you give more consideration to performance, then a wired mouse will perform better for your dollar.

What is DPI? 

DPI or Dots Per Inch is the number of times the sensor registers on the surface of the mouse. In simpler terms, the higher the DPI, the more your cursor will move per inch in relation to the mouse.

What is mouse sensitivity? 

The sensitivity of your mouse is how far the cursor moves with the movement of your hand. Unlike the DPI that is set by default, you can adjust the sensitivity of your mouse. A gaming mouse offers much more diversity when it comes to making these changes.


Finding the best gaming mouse can seem like one big task as each mouse differs in features and functionality. However, with the top tier options in front and your budget in mind, choosing the best one from the lot can be a breeze. We hope that our above article will guide you in finding the best gaming mouse by Razer whenever you plan on buying one.

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