Best Redragon Mouse Review

When the market is flooding with new options every day, finding a mouse for yourself can be a struggle. This doubles when you are a gamer and are very picky about your mice. It is true, gamers are very fussy about their mouse. They need the right response rate, DPI, buttons, and even weight to suit their gaming speed and response. Here’s where the redragon mouse comes to mind.

The problem with this is mice aren’t actually always the way they are advertised. Manufacturers paint a rosy picture, failing to mention the cons. 

Redragon is a very popular company in terms of gaming mice. Their mice are very durable and affordable. One of the Redragon mice is perfect to start with. We have listed a few of the best Redragon gaming mice. Let’s have a look:

1. Redragon M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse

Redragon M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse



You can download the software for the mouse from Redragon drivers and manuals page. The software will allow you a maximum of 5 profiles. For each profile, you can change the DPI settings, lighting colours, programmable buttons, speed and much more. 

The software is very easy to install and great value for money. Now you can have a different profile for each game.


To lay it simple, the design of this mouse is ergonomic. The design of the mouse is perfect for anyone. The size of the mouse is neither very small nor big. It’s dimensions are 124mm x 74 mm x 39 mm. It weighs just 130 grams. The mouse is perfect for either people with big hands or small hands.

The mouse has Teflon feet pads and a cable of 1.8m so you can easily move your mouse around. The Teflon base allows you to glide your mouse smoothly on a mouse pad. The mouse has one of the most comfortable designs with a thumb and right side grip. 

The mouse has 7 buttons, one for each click, one on top, 2 for DPI, and two on sides. These buttons are programmable for efficient use.


People usually buy Redragon mouse as their first one and then hope to upgrade in the future. However, they cannot find themselves to upgrade as the mouse offers stellar performance in just $20. This mouse can almost last forever with its efficiency and design.


  • Very Cheap.
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design.
  • Plenty of options and easy to use the software.
  • Backlit and Customizable RGB lighting.
  • 7200 DPI.


  • The limited spectrum of colors.
  • Limited DPI customizations.

2. Redragon M601 RGB Gaming Mouse

Redragon M601 RGB Gaming Mouse



For gamers, buttons are a very important element in a mouse. Buttons allow you to access points which will otherwise take a lot of time. They offer convenience during intensive gaming when time is precious. This mouse has 6 optimized buttons and two programmable buttons. 

There are the main mouse buttons, the scroll button, the DPI button, and the two programmable buttons near the thumb. Their location near the thumb makes it possible for you to press it easily.

Adjustable Weights

Adjustable weights are a personal preference actually. A heavy mouse might sound a bit odd but it can be very handy in certain situations. You might want to vary your mouse speed for certain games. For that, you can use additional weights. Additional weights will allow you to make more accurate and precise movements.

Likewise, if you want a faster mouse, you may remove the weight from the mouse. This will help you customize mouse weight according to your games.

DPI Setting

For first-person shooting games, the DPI setting is vital. The right DPI setting will let you make accurate shots. DPI controls the sensitivity of the mouse. The DPI setting will mainly depend on the resolution. If the resolution is 1080 p or more, then a higher DPI will be best.

This mouse is perfect for computers with 1080 p. It has a max DPI of 7200. Another great feature of this mouse is that it changes color with DPI. This will help you keep track of your DPI for your games.


The Redragon software allows you to build multiple profiles and change settings. You can customize the mouse as you like. The software is amazing compared to the price tag.


  • Adjustable Weights.
  • Mouse Software Directly from Redragon.
  • Comfortable.
  • Durable micro switches and Teflon pads.


  • Limited DPI.
  • One design is available.

3. Redragon M711 Cobra Gaming Mouse

Redragon M711 Cobra Gaming Mouse



Buttons are integral for gaming as they provide convenience and ease. This gaming mouse has 7 programmable buttons, all located in the best places to use. The buttons can be customized for efficient gaming as well.

Along with basic mouse buttons, there are DPI buttons and 2 buttons on the right thumb.


The DPI setting allows us to toggle between multiple DPI levels. You can change from 1000 to 5000. The higher DPI will allow you to make quick movements while lower DPI will help you make precise movements.

Along with this, the software will allow you to customize the mouse pointer settings as well.

Design and Comfort

This mouse is specially designed to serve its purpose as well as provide comfort. The movements are precise for your games. Along with this, the ergonomic design fits between your fingers well.

This durable mouse can be used anywhere from your office to intensive gaming.

Gaming Lights

Gamers would know the stress of concentrating on multiple things at once. It would be a relief if they had something less to be worried about. So, Redragon has introduced gaming lights in this mouse that keeps track of the memory profile. 

With this mouse, you can create up to 5 gaming profiles on this. Each light will represent a different gaming profile.

The 16 million color backlight “Breathing” RGB LED has the perfect lights that will set the mood for gaming with its sharp colors.


  • Very Comfortable.
  • Value for Money.
  • High Customization.
  • Colour Accurate RGB lighting.


  • The software can be a bit difficult to understand.
  • Might be too small for some people.

4. Redragon M901 Wired Gaming Mouse

Redragon M901 Wired Gaming Mouse



Redragon doesn’t offer much in terms of design. All of its mice look essentially the same. The mice are designed ergonomically to suit gamers needs. The construction is comfortable as well as convenient. There is a place to keep all your fingers. As an additional feature, this mouse has a grid of buttons near the right thumb to operate everything easily.

Weight Tuning

Weight is an important element for a competitive gamer. It allows gamers to make precise movements according to the games. The weight tuning is a brilliant feature that allows you to adjust the mouse according to the sensitivity required.

Without adding additional weight, you can tune the mouse depending on the glide you need. You can tighten it for smaller movements or let it loose for greater movements.

Durable Micro Switches

The microswitches in this mouse make the mouse durable. These microswitches up to 20 million clicks in each button. This is certainly a gamers paradise.

Value For Money

This mouse offers great value for money. For such a minimal price, it offers many features that are just present in high-end mice. The twelve button grid along with comfortable design will last you a lifetime.


  • 8 piece weight tuning system.
  • Durable frame and high-quality micro switches.
  • Comfortable Design.
  • Powerful 16,400 CPI laser sensor.


  • The design may be further improved.
  • Maneuvering 12 buttons can be a bit difficult.

5. Redragon M908 Impact

Redragon M908 Impact



This mouse is specially designed for gaming. It has 7 main buttons and 12 side buttons that can be programmed for various functions. Some people argue that a lot of buttons can be a hassle. But, professional gamers prefer buttons because of the convenience and ease of access.

The buttons are made of plastic and are long-lasting.


The RGB lighting in this mouse is pretty standard but what differentiates it is the placement of lights. Lights are placed perfectly to create the right atmosphere of gaming. There are multiple effects and modes too. These will help you find the one that you like.


The mouse uses USB 3.0 braided wire. Other than that, there are no other connectivity options. But there is no need for that too. USB 3.0 is faster than 2.0 and offers quick data transfers. It has a lower response time too.

The wire is 6 feet and very durable for long term use.

Sensor and Speed

The mouse is exceptional in its performance. It offers a polling rate of 1000 Hz along with 30G acceleration which is brilliant and ideal for gaming.

The optical laser sensor is very responsive and can be moved around any surface. The sensitivity and speed are very well balanced for gaming.


  • DPI up to 12400.
  • Programmable Buttons.
  • More than 5 RGB options.


  • Rigid Cable.
  • Sometimes doesn’t grip too well.

Comparison Chart

ProductDimensionsWeightNo. ButtonsMax DPIBuy Now
1. Redragon M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse4.92 x 2.87 x 1.57 inches4.6 ounces77200
2. Redragon M601 RGB Gaming Mouse2.83 x 4.84 x 1.54 inches0.53 lbs87200
3. Redragon M711 Cobra Gaming Mouse5 x 2.6 x 1.6 inches7.2 ounces75000
4. Redragon M901 Wired Gaming Mouse4.65 x 2.95 x 1.54 inches5.29 ounces1816,400
5. Redragon M908 Impact4.81 x 3.62 x 1.65 inches9.9 ounces1912400

Buying Guide

There are just too many options when you go out there to buy a gaming mouse. A large number of choices make it difficult for us to find the perfect one for ourselves. The gaming mice can be wired or wireless. Other than that they are available in so many sizes, colors, and shapes that you will definitely find one that suits you.

Let’s look at some of its features and the choices:


Sensors are vital in making a gaming mouse. There are two types of sensors used in gaming mice: Optical and Laser sensor. The debate has been there for quite long for which is the best. The truth is both have their own pros and cons. You just have to decide which mouse you prioritize.

If you are looking for a mouse that is more adaptive than Laser mice are the best. They can work on any kind of surface. Laser mice are also more accurate. However, they are also more sensitive to dust and can also skip during high acceleration.

Optical mice are more surface sensitive. With them, you will have to invest in a mouse mat too. While many high-end gaming mice companies use laser sensors, there are some cons too. Laser mice have a higher lift-off distance. This is especially important if you are an intensive gamer. When the surface ends, you would need to lift the mouse. If the distance is not much, it will keep on reading the surface leading to additional game movements. 

Depending on these facts, you can see what sensor suits you more.

Polling Rate

The polling rate is the number of times your mouse reports its current position. Its rate is usually measured in Hertz and deeply affects your gaming performance. The faster the polling rate the more effectively the mouse moves on your screen. For Windows, the polling rate is around 125Hz which means every 8ms the position of your mouse is detected.

For competitive gaming, you will need a gaming mouse with a far higher polling rate. If the polling rate is around 500Hz to 1000Hz then it’s perfect for gaming. This means that your cursor will resolve on the screen every 1ms to 2 ms.


Mouse sensitivity is another important factor in measuring its performance. The more sensitive the mouse is, the faster it moves on the screen. With a sensitive mouse, you’ll have to move less physically to cover more on-screen distance.

Sensitivity is measured in DPI ( Dots per Inch) or CPI (counts per inch). The DPI is generally a personal feature. It depends on how you work with the mouse. If you have small accurate movements, then a higher DPI mouse will work. However, if you make faster movements over a large area a mouse with smaller DPI will be best.

Wireless or Wired

Wired or Wireless is another debate that remains unresolved. The solution is simple. If you prefer clutter-free desks that give you ample surface to move the mouse then wireless will work. However, some people still fear wireless mice due to their lagging issues, weight, and battery power.


Another factor that sometimes limits us from the best, however not always is the cost. It is not an issue as long as there’s appropriate value in the product. Do not buy gaming mice that are expensive and do not offer that many features. If you can get the same number of features, profiles, performance, and DPI for a much cheaper one, go for it.


Gamers are exceptionally precise about their gaming mice. They go out of their way to find the perfect, ergonomic, comfortable, and high-performance mouse. They simply can not afford any sort of problem in the middle of the game.

That is why a Redragon mouse is a great selection. They are great value for money and will give you smooth gaming experience.

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