Breath of the Wild 2: The Fall of Calamity Gannon and the rise of Gerudo king Ganondorf

breath of the wild 2 Release Date: TBA

breath of the wild 2 | Upcoming Games

in breath of the wild, after 100 years in recovery, link has awakened to a world filled with malice as the adventure continues

the hero blasts his way through the evil filled Hyrule killing many powerful monsters on his way to rescue Princess Zelda from her captivity

inside the evil boar demon Gannon by slaying him, ending his reign of terror as well

Even though there’s A lot of speculation about this top tier title in upcoming games, Breath of the wild 2, one of them being that Ganondorf may appear

in the title but will not be featured as the main antagonist… I think people are looking for more of a twist in the series but in my opinion I feel its time for the Gerudo king to make his long-awaited appearance, and creators and developers aren’t spilling any secrets so far

as the only real info to go off of is the trailer but I suspect the trailer is telling us exactly what we need to know

and just as Demise curse states, the flame-color hair Gerudo will always reincarnate and in the video, we see exactly that

and I believe that the hundred-year time has passed and the calamity was just the beginning of what’s to come.

below is one of my favorite videos on theories concerning the game. from YouTubers: ZELTIK & NintendoBlackCrisis

breath of the wild 2 - theories | Upcoming Games

the duo arrives just in time to witness the resurrection.

Anytime Gannon is killed he is set in a seal created by the sages and it only lasts a century before it has to be fortified


will there be newer more powerful enemies in Ganondorf’s army?

When ganondorf comes to power i dont think its too much of a sytrech to say he will lay his malice even deeper

into hyrule creating more wicked ugly monsters and i believe the princess herself will play a bigger role in the storyline

shes finally awakened the true power of the triforce and would make a perfect partner in destroying gannondorf.

Breath of the wild 2 Prequal – Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Breath of the wild 2 Prequal - Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity | Upcoming Games

While waiting for the release of breath of the wild 2, which is still yet to whisper the release date through the grapevine to our ears

Hyrule Warriors is great to get your Zelda fix, releasing in late November this game dives into the lore of the age from 100 years past

detailing the uplifting friendships only told about in the original BOTW

and the inevitable downfall of our heroes. Age of Calamity is going to be big in addition to the future release

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