One Piece: Bounty Rush Tips to Be a Top Player In No Time, No Pay!

Grow your One Piece: Bounty Rush team from some ordinary pirate group to an all fearing Yonko level POWERHOUSE

Pay Attention to, and Complete All Of The Missions, Daily to Event Tasks and More

One Piece: Bounty Rush | Mission Tab Image

Missions: Whether, Daily, Weekly, Normal, or Event missions

Basically, all of them are good for you, every single one has some type of benefit to leveling up your squad

always keep a lookout for missions that can be completed to unlock all of the upgrade items you will need, sometimes including event items

Solo Battles List:

One Piece: Bounty Rush | Survival 100 battle image

Survival 100: Battle back to back enemies from the One-Piece cannon while multiple enemies start attacking

the more you complete in this survival setting, the more Experience your designated character will receive and get stronger

and the stronger your individual characters become the easier it will be to reach 100!. do this for every character that can be leveled up

One Piece: Bounty Rush | Solo Battle (Main) Image

Solo: The “solo” gameplay gives you the “Episode” and “Practice” feature

this is where you can test your strength against Computer-controlled fighters in scenarios similar to the One-Piece anime battles.

Solo is also where you can win lots of items after completion including gems and Upgrade Orbs

One Piece: Bounty Rush | 60 - Second Battle Image

60 – Second Battle: Choose your difficulty level from normal to extra hard and launch into battle for a full minute of head-up battle

you will be fighting against two enemies at a time, try to keep your treasure secure before time is up, and get the victory for your reward of bounty coins.


Battle (Ranked Fights)(Event)

One Piece: Bounty Rush | League Battle Image

League Battle: This is the multiplayer feature where the magic happens

in league battle you go into battle with your top two fighters and try to secure treasure

and take out your enemies while they try to do the same, this game feature is where you have the ability to unlock Daily score and treasure chance boxes

allowing for a wide variety of upgrade items to unlock including mission goals completed.

One Piece: Bounty Rush | Challenge Battle Image

Challenge Battle: Make sure to check the rules of the brawl then get ready to play the secondary online multiplayer gaming in one piece bounty rush

in this setting, you will fight in a team similar to league battle but instead of gathering treasure, this time it’s an all-out brawl

or different battle environments depending on game rules.

with your team versus the opposition, in a bid to collect the highest score. collect a higher score and unlock different items, another way to gather upgrade materials.


One Piece Bounty Rush: Solo, battle, and Mission Items Available: Collect Items to Improve character growth daily

SOLO Battles List:Items Unlocked:
Episode:GEMS, EXP Points, Skill Orbs, Boost Orbs
60 – Second Battle:Bounty Coins
Special Training:Crystal Fragments
Battle (Ranked Fights)(Event):Items Unlocked:
League Battle:Crystal Fragments, EXP Points, Skill Orbs, Boost Orbs, Battle Points, Gems, Bounty Coins
Challenge Battle:All Items Obtainable (complete matches, get points to achieve the next goal to unlock the prize)
MissionsAll Items Obtainable (Check Mission Completion Details)
  • Solo Battle: Episode: GEMS, EXP Points, Skill Orbs, Boost Orbs – Practice: GEMS
    • Survival 100: EXP Points
    • 60 – Second Battle: Bounty Coins
  • Special training: Crystal Fragments
  • League Battle: Crystal Fragments, EXP Points, Skill Orbs, Boost Orbs, Battle Points, Gems, Bounty Coins
  • Challenge Battle: All Items Obtainable
  • Missions: Everything except battle points


One Piece Bounty Rush | Multiple Gems (6)

GEMS: Gemstones are used for unlocking new characters in Player Scout

and can come in handy and can be used as a means to continue to grab treasure chances

in League Battle, more battle chances for Survival 100 matches, and additional turns for 60- Second Battles.

Crystal Fragments

  • Allows more upgrade levels, the more you collect, Also guarantees upgrades to max stars (6)
One Piece Bounty Rush | Crystal Fragments image (4 - Star/Multi)

Crystal Fragments: One of the most coveted things you can get in One Piece: bounty rush

Gathering these are the main goal of achieving that max level.

You bet your ass crystal fragments are the most important

with the ability to grant each character the ability to upgrade more levels

with each one obtained without being capped off, and the ultimate goal you should seek

is to get your team to level 6 and max out each role on your squad and more to level 100

EXP Points

  • Upgrade your characters levels and increase team score
Experience Points Image (Grouped/multi)

EXP Points: or experience points are used to Level up your characters

for the goal of getting to the maximum “100” for each member of your team.

Coupled with finding Crystal fragments, Exp points will be just as important for you as everything mentioned prior

and will definitely assist you in getting stronger all together.



Special Skill Orbs

  • Green, Blue, Red for character special skill attacks + attacker, Defender, and Runner orbs to upgrade attacks and tr
Skill Orbs (Grouped)

Skill /Special Skill ORBS: these orbs are used to Upgrade your fighters you utilize them by gathering a set amount, for example, if you have a “Blue Runner” and have blue orbs as wells as enough runner skill orbs, and lastly special orbs then you may enhance your special attack skills (skill 1 or 2)

Boost Orbs

  • Unlocks Permanent Character Boost to stats and as a bonus is used to upgrade your traits
Boost Orbs (Group)

Boost Orbs: use bounty coins and attack, health or defense boost orbs or increase the overall stats of your fighters

Where to Obtain Your Upgrade Items in One Piece Bounty Rush

Battle Points

One Piece: Bounty Rush | Battle Points image

Battle Points: which can be obtained by completing missions and are gathered based on a few factors of a match

in exchange for the points you can trade them out for multiple items also crucial for the development of your team.


  • Rapidly Upgrades Medals
One Piece: Bounty Rush | Hammer With Coin (GROUPED) Image

Hammers: are used to automatically upgrade your medals to the next level

and can be a crucial thing when it comes to adding additional strength for the next big match.

if you have a lot of hammers don’t be afraid to use them to get stronger.

Bounty Coins

  • Upgrade new, or continue to max out recently upgraded medals
Bounty Coin image (Single)

Bounty Coins: Using bounty coins will allow you to upgrade your medallions to the next level

for every level improved the higher the coin usage will be so make sure to collect

but don’t be afraid to use them as well, additionally, These coins have another use

and can be utilized to keep your characters in training so crystal fragments can slowly be accumulated for two fighters of your choosing.


Build up, Your One Piece Bounty Rush Team!.

  • One Piece: Bounty Rush | Yonko Blackbeard Image
  • One Piece: Bounty Rush | Luffy & Law Image (Dressrosa)
  • Yonko Shanks Image
  • One Piece: Bounty Rush | Nami (Bikini) Image
  • Kuzan (Ex-Navy Admiral) Image
  • One Piece: Bounty Rush | Gekko Morria Image
  • Sanji (Whole Cake Island) Image
  • One Piece: Bounty Rush | Kinemon Image

in one piece bounty rush, whatever you’re playing whether solo or multiplayer event battles

the results come out the same, you need to get strong.

you could easily play all of the games to get to your peak fighting level

and do it without even having to spend a single dollar.

Don’t Be Picky about the fighters on your team

although you may be tempted to fight with the coolest characters that you happen to unlock

it should be in everyone’s interest to not fall into the mindset.

Go with what you know and develop the characters that you currently fight with

and the fighters that unlocked previously until your able to gather more and more Chrystal fragments

for more powerful fighters to max out to level 6

the more fragments that you gather for a character, the more they can be upgraded without stopping (as long as you have the EXP Points to do so).


Make sure to dodge, don’t be afraid to attack, and get the treasure!

Get the most out of every battle and every item chest earned by fighting like a real champ

strive to get the title of MVP, but MAKE SURE TO BE AWARE OF your surroundings.

When attacking there are a few steps that even a rookie can take to improve,

maybe you won’t kill stronger enemies right away but at least you’ll

land some blows, get your score up, and at the same time distract your opponent while your team gets the treasure

and maybe assist in your survival.

try to keep an eye on your map since it will play a decent part in where you need to head next

like non surrounded treasure, Players trying to sneak up, and even when your Loot is being taken by the opposite side (Treasure areas flash when being taken)

The beginning of this paragraph is some insight on fighting, but it’s not always about getting k.o’s….

just like Sanji in the Anime series, sometimes all it takes is a little stealth/diversion tactics.

Dodge like your life depends on it… because it does. It may look fun to test your main attacks and hope for critical damage

but in reality, every good gamer knows that true strength in your attack includes a balance in defense since they go hand in hand

and in One Piece: Bounty Rush you get exactly that, a mix of precision, dodge timing, and knowing when to attack

Obtained Item Usage, What to Do

Plan out your item usage to make sure you get the best out of what you’ve collected

to get the most out of your upgrades, for example, invest in what you have and develop your fighters as they become available


Maxing Out Medals, And Transfering traits

Maxing out your medals is just the first step

and the second step after maxing out would be to figure out

which medal has the best traits for your characters

the third including transferring traits to make upgraded medals stronger.

After Weeding out your best-traits medals you’ll want to amp them up by choosing medals not equipped to your players and transferring to the ones being kept,

but keep in mind the transfer will destroy the medal it’s being transferred from but this will for sure make a huge impact

on the strength of your character being developed and as an added bonus Max out the potential of your overall team strength.


The main point of this post is to basically inform and write about a game that I like at the same time.

Play daily and take my advice, there’s no doubt that you will be at least “A” Rank in Seven Days or less and leveling up daily,

and I’m writing this based on my personal experience

where I recently restarted my account I had for quite a while,

I collected all of my items daily, did solo missions/ practice, started tweaking my medals for max stats and traits, and got better in overall combat and you can do the same.


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