Top 5 Best Razer Mouse Pad To Buy In 2020

A mouse pad is often the final piece of the puzzle that turns your computer into a complete desktop PC setup. With the right mouse pad and matching peripherals, you can turn your computer into a piece of art – something to be shown off to your friends and family. Alternatively, if you do not care about the looks and just want your computer to be a performance machine geared towards maximum productivity, a mouse pad is still an essential piece of equipment. Without a mouse pad, you will often have a poor experience with your PC. The movements you make with your mouse might not be registered by your computer, or your pointer might jump randomly on your screen, which can get quite frustrating when you are trying to get work done on your computer. Here’s where the Razer mouse pad comes into play.

When looking for a decent gaming mouse pad for your setup, you will come across a lot of different manufacturers with quality offerings. Some of the best brands of gaming mouse pads include Steelseries, Razer, Corsair, and Logitech. Razer is one of those brands that offer a lot of variety for every person out there. Whether you are looking for a plain black mouse pad that blends into your desktop without attracting a lot of attention or a more gamer-y one with fancy RGB lighting and advanced cable management features, Razer mouse pads have got you covered.

With the numerous Razer mouse pads available in the market, making the right choice for your needs can be a bit difficult. That is why we have compiled this list of the top five Razer mouse pads that you can get right now in 2020.

1. Razer Goliathus Chroma Gaming Mouse Pad

Razer Goliathus Chroma Gaming Mouse Pad


Finer Control in Gaming

The Razer Goliathus Chroma features a soft micro-textured cloth surface which gives you finer control of your mouse in games. This allows you to make very small micro-adjustments to your cursor or crosshair in games and make your gameplay much more precise.

Non-Slip Base

Accidentally dragging your mouse pad across the desktop can be a minor inconvenience at best, and a major frustration when you are in the middle of an intensive gaming session. The Goliathus Chroma gaming mouse pad features a non-slip rubber base that keeps it in place on your desktop and prevents this from happening. 


This Razer mouse pad features RGB lighting on the sides which you can synchronize with the rest of your gaming setup and make it stand out. You can use Razer’s Synapse 3 software on your PC to customize the colors and the many different pre-built effects. It is even compatible with Phillips Hue, which means that you can match the RGB with the lighting in your room for a more harmonious look.

You can get the Goliathus Chroma in a variety of different colors, including Classic Black, Mercury White, and Quartz Pink/Gray. There is even a Limited Edition of the mouse pad with a Gears of War theme for all the fans of the gaming series out there.

Cable Management Options

This Razer mouse pad has a built-in cable manager to keep your wired mouse organized and tangle-free. Say goodbye to the pesky cable drag and enjoy your games without any hindrance.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Braided USB cable is built to last
  • Good personalization options


  • The inclusion of RGB adds to the cost of the mouse pad

2. Razer Firefly V2 Gaming Mouse Pad

Razer Firefly V2 Gaming Mouse Pad


Extreme RGB Customizability

If you are a big fan of RGB lighting, the Razer Firefly V2 might be the mouse pad you always wanted. Whereas other mouse pads, such as the Goliathus Chroma, can only light up with one color at a time, the Firefly V2 takes things a massive step forward. This mouse pad features 19 different lighting zones which can all light up with a different color at the same time. Hence, this makes the Firefly V2 capable of a host of different cool RGB effects that other mouse pads simply cannot recreate. You can customize the lighting from the Razer Synapse 3 software, and it is also completely compatible with Phillips Hue.

Finer Control in Gaming

The Razer Firefly V2 features the same soft micro-textured cloth surface that you can find on the Goliathus Chroma. Thus, it will help your computer track your mouse movements precisely down to individual pixels and make more accurate maneuvers.

Hard Back Surface

This Razer mouse pad features a hardback surface which can be a feature or a drawback, depending on how you look at it. On one hand, this means that you will not be able to roll up your mouse pad and take it on the go. On the other hand, hard mousepads are a little more forgiving when you try to put them on a slightly softer surface rather than a solid tabletop. Due to the internal rigidity of the mouse pad, you can still use the Firefly V2 like this without much compromise. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference. However, if you do like the feel of a hard-back mouse pad, the Firefly V2 is an excellent option.


  • Extended range of RGB effects
  • Micro-textured cloth surface improves mouse tracking
  • Built-in cable manager prevents cable snags
  • A rubber base prevents the mouse pad from slipping on your desktop


  • Pricey
  • Cannot be rolled up like a soft mouse pad

3. Razer Sphex V2 Gaming Mouse Pad

Razer Sphex V2 Gaming Mouse Pad


Ultra-Thin Form Factor

The stand out feature of the Razer Sphex V2 is its extremely thin form factor. If the elevation of traditional mouse pads on your desktop has always bothered you, this Razer mouse pad is the answer to your prayers. The height of the Sphex V2 measures just under half a millimeter, which means that this mousepad can sit practically flush against your desktop.

Extremely Durable Construction

Do not let the thinness of this mouse pad fool you – the Sphex V2 is built to last. It features an extremely tough polycarbonate surface that allows it to take heavy impacts without ripping or tearing. This Razer mouse pad can survive in-game rage like no other. 

Adhesive Base

The Sphex V2 comes with an adhesive base that allows you to stick the mouse pad on your desktop. This keeps it in place and prevents it from sliding across your desk. However, the bond is not permanent. We do not know what material Razer has used for the base, but they have done a pretty good job. If the position of the mouse pad does not feel right to you after you stick it on, don’t worry. You can easily unpeel it and make adjustments multiple times without losing any adhesion.

Very Smooth Top Surface

The polycarbonate surface of the Sphex V2 allows your mouse to glide effortlessly on it without any friction. This can make it extremely easy for you to zoom your mouse across the mouse pad with little force. That is what makes this mouse pad great for productivity, multi-tasking, and some particular genres of games. However, if you want more precise mouse control, you might want to stay away from this mouse pad. Instead, you could opt for some of the more textured mousepads on this list.


  • An extremely thin mouse pad that sits flush against your desktop
  • Robust build quality despite being very thin
  • Re-stickable base
  • Low friction allows your mouse to glide freely


  • Not optimized for pixel-precise control
  • No RGB customizability

4. Razer Vespula V2 Gaming Mouse Pad

Razer Vespula V2 Gaming Mouse Pad


Dual Surfaces For Speed And Control

If you like the productivity aspect of hard mousepads, but still want the greater amount of tracking control in games, the Razer Vespula V2 might be just what you want. This mouse pad features two different surfaces that you can switch between depending on the task at hand. For normal everyday tasks, you can use the mouse pad with the hard side up for easy maneuverability. However, when it is time for gaming, all you have to do is simply flip the mouse pad over. The other side features a textured cloth surface that gives you greater control for your in-game movements. This truly is a no-compromises-whatsoever deal where you get the best of both worlds.

Included Memory Foam Wrist Rest

Extended work shifts and gaming sessions alike take a toll on your wrists. Over time, these can lead to serious health conditions such as repetitive strain injury (RSI) and even carpal tunnel syndrome. The Razer Vespula V2 comes with an included memory foam wrist rest that offers greater support for your wrist. This allows you to use your mouse for long periods without any discomfort. However, if you do not like the feel of the wrist rest for any reason, do not despair. The wrist-rest is detachable and you can easily use the mouse pad without it if you like.

Extremely Clean And Minimalist Look

The Razer Vespula V2 features an all-black design that looks great on just about any desktop there is out there. If you do not care much for RGB lighting and prefer a more clean and minimalist aesthetic, this Razer mouse pad is an excellent candidate.


  • Dual surfaces allow you to choose between faster movement and precise control depending on what you are doing
  • The wrist rest makes it very comfortable to use
  • The all-black design offers an extremely minimalist look


  • No RGB customizability
  • No included cable management options

5. Razer Invicta Gaming Mouse Pad

Razer Invicta Gaming Mouse Pad


Dual Surfaces For Speed And Control

Another offering from Razer that features dual surfaces is the Razer Invicta gaming mouse pad. On one side of the mouse pad, you get an extremely slick and smooth surface optimized for speed. On the other side is the rough and textured surface that gives you more precise control over your mouse movements. The ease of flipping your mouse pad over to better suit the task on hand makes this mouse pad extremely versatile.

Strong Aluminum Base

The base of this mouse pad is made of strong and durable aluminum. This makes the mouse pad extremely durable and gives it a long lifespan. Additionally. It even prevents your mouse pad from moving on your desk even when you swipe your mouse with force.

Clean White Look

In many ways, the Invictus is extremely similar to the Vespula. They both have dual surfaces, a detachable base, and no RGB lighting options. However, the key difference between the two mouse pads lies in the aesthetics department. While the Vespula has a more traditional plain black design, the Invicta features a more sleeker white finish. This makes the Invicta look much nicer in our opinion. However, you do give up the included wrist rest when you pick this mouse pad over the Vespula.


  • Dual surfaces offer extreme versatility
  • Strong and durable aluminum backplate
  • Sleek white finish


  • No RGB customizability
  • No included wrist rest

Comparison Chart


Surface type

Cable manager

RGB lighting

Product Weight

Product Dimensions

Buy Now

1. Razer Goliathus Chroma

Cloth (control)


Standard: 8.2 ounces

Wide: 1.23 pounds

Standard: 10.05 x 13.99 x 0.91 inches
Wide: 11.58 x 36.25 x 0.12 inches

2. Razer Firefly V2

Cloth (control)

Extended (with 19 different zones)

1.63 pounds

10.84 x 13.99 x 0.14 inches

3. Razer Sphex V2

Hard (speed)

4.8 ounces

4.14 x 13.99 x 0.03 inches

4. Razer Vespula V2

Cloth (control) + Hard (speed)

15.8 ounces

10.72 x 12.61 x 0.87 inches

5. Razer Invicta

Cloth (control) + Hard (speed)

1.54 pounds

10.05 x 13.99 x 0.18 inches

Buying Guide

A mouse pad may seem like a trivial – or even unnecessary – component of a desktop PC to those uninitiated. But ask any PC gaming enthusiast and they will tell you how essential it is for any gaming PC. You could have the best gaming mouse on the planet on your desktop, but if you do not have the right even surface to put it on, it won’t let you get that slick headshot on your enemies before they end up killing you. The even surface of gaming mouse pads allows your mouse to travel smoothly and track your in-game movements accurately. A good gaming mouse pad will let you quickly flick to the heads of your enemies consistently and never let you down while you are gaming. 

There are some things you want to consider while looking for a mouse pad for your setup. At the end of the day, a lot of these considerations fall down to personal preference.

Surface Type

The first decision you have to make when searching for a mouse pad is whether you want to go for a hard surface or a soft surface. A hard mouse pad has an extremely smooth surface which allows your mouse to travel on it with minimal effort. This makes it great for productivity tasks and certain game genres such as RTS (Real-Time Strategy) where mouse movement speed is of the utmost importance. 

On the other hand, a soft mouse pad has a textured cloth surface that offers a lot more friction. This allows you to make extremely accurate and precise mouse movements. For this reason, FPS (First Person Shooter) gamers prefer a soft surface on their mouse pads. Additionally, people who use their mouse for graphic designing also find their job easier to do with a soft mouse pad.

Aesthetic Considerations

The second consideration that falls down to personal preference is the look of your mouse pad. With the plethora of different choices out there, you can easily find one that matches your desktop aesthetic and spruce up your gaming setup. You can pick up an RGB mousepad to add a bit of flair to your rig. Alternatively, you can instead opt for a plain black one to go for a more minimalist and clean look.

Build Quality

Another thing you want to look out for when buying a mouse pad is the build quality. You do not want to buy a cheap knock off that only lasts till the end of the month before you have to return to the store and get another one. Buying a good quality mouse pad from a reputable brand can rid you of this hassle once and for all.


A good mouse pad helps you get the most out of your computer mouse, all while adding to the overall look of your PC setup. We hope that this article helps you in deciding which Razer mouse pad is best for your needs. Otherwise, if you decide to go with a different brand of the mouse pad to match with the rest of your peripherals, our buying guide will tell you the key things to look out for so you can make an informed purchase decision.

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